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Four from Carapace 79 and 80

Carapace 79Carapace 80

Thumbsuck research indicates that 93.7% of readers of this
magazine are fanatically fussy about their coffee. The drawing by Derek Jacobs on page 10 of our eightieth issue celebrates this.

In order to give full attention to keeping Carapace alive I am going to drop the Slug Award. It had a nice run and it was fun to do but has now run its course. A belated thanks to sponsors, Clarke’s Bookshop and Kyron Laboratories for their support. We will however keep the Carapace Competitions going.

Enjoy these selections from our two most recent issues.

Gus Ferguson

~ ~ ~

Contributors to Carapace 79

Mike Alfred, Michael Augustin, Robert Edward Bolton, Jeremy Boraine, Melissa Butler, Mangaliso W Buzani, Stewart Conn, Gail Dendy, Gus Ferguson, Eliza Galgut, D Gruebel-Lee, Kerry Hammerton, Hugh Hodge, Frank F Karinga, Liam Kruger, Clive Lawrance, Dugal MacDonald, Chris Mann, Mandy Mitchell, Helen Moffett, Medzani Musandiwa, Marcelle Olivier, Douglas Reid Skinner, Damian Shaw, Elizabeth Trew, Richard Shavei Tzion, Clare van der Gaast, Maria Ventolini

Cover art by Ann Walton

Two from the issue


The joyful splatter of the storm’s first raindrops
Erupt against the concrete at the girl’s shoe,
Like too many first kisses. She breathes, then stops
To open her umbrella, and find something dry to do.

– Liam Kruger



There is something I like
about standing in a cornfield,
or the image of it at least;
perhaps it is the image of lovers
running towards one another
in a cornfield that inspires this,
I don’t know,
all I know is that I want to be standing
in a cornfield, alone, with a kind, cool
breeze splashing my face;

but now that I think of it,
why would I want to be
alone in this cornfield?

– Medzani Musandiwa

~ ~ ~

Contributors to Carapace 80

Jane Abrahams, Michael Augustin, Melissa Butler, Mangaliso W Buzani, Ingrid de Kok, Gail Dendy, Finuala Dowling, Jonty Driver, Basil du Toit, Gus Ferguson, Justin Fox, Sarah Frost, Damian Garside, Abigail George, Rosamund Handler, Zama Madinana, Adré Marshall, Lionel Murcott, Oliver Price, Heather Tibshraeny, Clare van der Gaast, Alessio Zanelli

Cover art by Derek Jacobs

Two from the issue


When she needs to leave,
she goes.

Not like the wind
or anything like that.
More like an unraveling
of thread on a tweed coat,
slowly over time
almost unnoticed.

Even she does not notice
when she goes, only realizes
when she finds herself
someplace else. When her feet
touch a ground unfamiliar,
when the air becomes oblique
against her breath.

Only then does she sit on a chair
or a bench to unwind
the path of her leaving,
to discover when
she must have felt the edge
that let her drift away.

– Melissa Butler



I swim to see sun settling, clear as feeling,
a snake skin on the pool floor.

Th e apartness of light
animates its pattern.

From under my curving arm
a skylight reveals a dream of water, blue.

If I reached down, there would be nothing to take
but the vision satisfi es like sleep, or movement.

– Sarah Frost

~ ~ ~

Preview the issues at Little White Bakkie

Carapace 79

~ ~ ~

Carapace 80


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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    September 17th, 2010 @21:56 #

    This selection is like a "kind, cool breeze". "Cornfield" is especially delightful.


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