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Archive for the ‘Misc’ Category

Honoring HA Hodge

Carapace magazine is to honour poet Hugh Hodge with a Slug Award at a poetry and music event at Rust-en-Vrede in Durbanville on the 29th of October 2009. The award consists of a cash prize and a silver medal designed by Michael Cope. The award it to recognise Hugh’s selfless enthusiasm for and promotion of other poets and poetry. Previous recipients of Slug awards include: Patrick Cullinan, Evelyn John Holtzhausen, Helen Moffett, Marc Glaser, Ingrid Jonker (Trust), Niki Daly, Richard Murphy, Ingrid de Kok, Sujata Bhat, Margo Wallace and Moira Lovell. Tatamkhulu Africa and Simon Winter won medals for poems published in Slugnews.

Karapaks 6 will be launched at the same time. Further information to follow.

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Poetry Notes from the End of the Last Century

Here are one or two notes from the poetry international seminar that I attended in 2000*.

Henri (a French delegate) does not wish to increase the public for poetry – he is not a pedagogue

There are (then) 230 000 websites for poetry

Sufficient technologies – the book, the spoon. Theo Dorgan

Poets as editors are too distracted by their own narcissim. Nicola Gardini

In internet speak – poetry is a niche.

* 2000 was still the 20th century, because we went from BC to AD without a year ’0′ in between.

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Poetry Cabaret at Rust-en-Vrede, Durbanville

This might be edgy… a cabaret based on Jeanne Goosen’s latest book of poems.

Nicole Holm and Frieda van den HeeverElders aan Diens***********************




(Genugtig Uitgewers)


REGIE: Albert Maritz

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Zen and the Art of Downhill Mountain Bike Hurtling

Dear readers of El Bloggo

A large and lusty crowd attended the launch of Steve Shapiro’s latest haiku collection, of little consequence, (Unpublished Manuscript Press) in the Hout Bay Library on Monday 31 July.

Steve was wildly entertaining with his unorthodox and engaging views of (inter alia) Zen and the art of downhill mountain bike hurtling and “finding the line”.

Sales were very brisk. The book is available from this blog – explore it to find out on which terms.

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Four and a Half from Carapace 64

Carapace 64Carapace issue 64 has just been released, featuring poems by over twenty writers (see below) and graphics by Steve Shapiro and poet and artist Peter E Clarke. The issue is dedicated to Peter, a regular contributor, who turned 78 on 1 June 2007.

I’ve included four (and a half) poems from the issue here, beginning with Peter’s handwritten “Self Portrat: Aged 14″. I’ve also included the full-colour print of Peter’s woodcutting “Knowledge”, which features on the cover of Carapace issue 64.

But first, a few notes:


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One Minimally-Used Feather Duvet Available, and Gabeba Baderoon Keeps Snail Press in the News

The beauty of blogging is that continuity in subject matter matters less than contiguity.

Gabeba Baderoon displayed bravery today, mentioning Snail Press in the Mail & Guardian, in connection with a rejection letter she once received from said press. Thanks for keeping us in the news, GB. (Here’s the article: The state of verse.)

And – just one sentence later – this blog can also reveal the news that a certain GF has never slept better than since his wife, inspired by the cold snap, bought a heavy feather duvet for the price of a small bucket of saffron.


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Carapace Competition No. 10

I learned my haiku
at the feet of a master
he said Blythly

Identify the local poet that inspired this three liner and receive a R200 gift token from Clarke’s Bookshop. First correct entry opened on ! August 2007 wins.

Send by post only (job creation) to:

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